How to Fake an Orgasm


Getting an orgasm can be seen as the height of a sexual encounter, and is usually the main focus of those who enter into such a union. Most men choose to focus on giving their partners an orgasm, as this is seen as a show of one’s prowess in the bedroom. Some people view the inability to give a woman an orgasm as a blow to their manhood, and such failure could adversely affect their state of mind in the long run, if they are continuously ineffective in their ambition. Due to this potential negative effect, some women may choose to simply fake an orgasm when engaging in sex with their partner. This could be due to a number of reasons, such as attempting to protect the frail ego of their partner, or simply wanting the encounter to come to an end. Faking an asmorg can be described as the process of acting out a climax that in reality has not been attained.

However, this activity is not always as simple as it sounds. The kind of acting entailed will need to be convincing if one is to successfully get away with this bluff. It should be noted that even individuals who may have never witnessed an orgasm in person, have a rough idea of how one should look like. This knowledge could be as a result of attaining such information from different sources such as their friends, various publications, and other media portals. A failure to convince one’s partner during the act could make matters worse as a man may feel scorned and cheated by the woman as a result. As such, it is essential to ensure that convincing tactics are used during the faking of an orgasm, so as to avoid any potential repercussions that could result from a poor showing.

Some of the tactics that can be implemented in the faking of an orgasm can include:

Facial Expressions

This can be considered to be one of the most important aspects of faking an orgasm, as it is the first feature that will be witnessed by the partner involved. Maintaining a straight face during an orgasm simply does not happen, and one cannot convince their partner that they have climaxed whilst maintaining their usual facial features. A woman will need to develop a look for when the occasion takes place, usually involving a number of aspects, such as closed eyes, a squinted face and a slight movement of the mouth (usually leaving it agape in a believable fashion). When done convincingly, one does not even have to state the fact that they have climaxed to their partner.

Body Movement

The movement of the body will also need to be taken into consideration, as this cannot stay still as well. Sudden movements such as the tightening of various muscles around the body, the arching of one’s back, and tightly gripping one’s partner are all indications of achieving an orgasm.

Should a woman decide to fake an orgasm, it is crucial that it is done convincingly in order to spare one’s partner from getting their feelings hurt as a result of them realizing the truth of the matter.

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