The Striptease


Drive the man in your life WILD with a strip tease he will NEVER forget.

You will need

-a sexy, easy to remove outfit
-stockings with garters
-sexy music
-flattering lighting
-a straight back chair
optional- liquor

Step 1 Choose an outfit. It can be anything from a conservative business suit to a maid’s costume- the thing is that each article can be removed with a minimum of fuss. Make sure your clothing is not too tight or leaves marks on your skin.

Step 2 pick shoes that will make the most of your legs meaning something high with a skinny heal (the higher, the skinner the better)

Step 3 put on some silky stockings with garters. Go with the classic fishnets or get a pair with a racy seam up the back

Step 4 get your music ready so you don’t run out of tunes in the middle of your performance. Make a sultry mix or playlist.

Step 5 use a light dimmer (or lower wattage bulbs) and/or candles to make a flattering lighting and get a straight back chair to put in the middle of the room. Another trick could be to put a scarf or piece of fabric over your lamp

**If necessary take a swig of something to calm your nerves before you begin but don’t get drunk. Nobody likes a sloppy striptease.

Step 6 Begin your striptease by striding into the room like a professional cat walker. One foot directly in front of the other hips swinging, shoulders back and head raised.

Step 7 Turn your back on your man and take your top off your shoulders, turn just your head towards him and toss your shirt in his direction. Maintain eye contact throughout your act

Step 8 gyrate a bit (moving hips in sexy and slow circular motion) before moving to your skirt. Turn your back to him again, grab the sides of your skirt, lean forward and slowly take your skirt down while wiggling your hips.

Step 9 move around some more and rubbing your hands along your body while kicking off a shoe, put your leg up on the chair. As you sway your hips side to side, Undo your garter and slowly roll your stocking off your leg, slip back into your stilettos heal and repeat the other side.

Step 10 push your bra straps off your shoulders, unhook and slip your bra off and fling it at him. Take this moment to swing your hips as you lustfully caress your breasts

Step 11 time for the finale- turn your back to your lover and slowly slide your hands down into the sides of your panties. Bend forward and slowly push them down keeping your legs as straight as possible. When they reach your ankles, step out of them

Step 12 prepare to be ravaged by your turned on lover

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