What is the ideal penis size, according to different countries around the world


What is the ideal penis size? The ideal penis size depends on the part of the world you live. Does size matter? This is one question that men from different parts of the world ask. We have seen various articles that educate people on ways that they can increase their penis size. Does large usually mean satisfying the woman when it comes to sex? How best do women love it, big or small? Some things are just universal. Everyone’s ideal length for the penis is usually bigger. Various studies have been carried out to find out the ideal penis size.


The ideal penis size is one of the biggest questions in life as people search what women love most. Most studies have come out to show a novel sized penis is consistent for people in a one-time relationship. A study done on over 75 women shows that 5.4 inches are the ideal penis size in most parts of the world. This is approximately 14.1 inches. When the research was done on both male and female, the difference was almost similar with women preferring a size of 5.5 inches. When the both the male and female were asked whether bigger or smaller were better, most went with the idea of bigger. Bigger is always better for most people in different parts of the world. Women preferred the size to increase by 0.7 inches which is 2 centimeters while men preferred an increase of 0.9 inches which is 2.5 centimeters.


The ideal penis size might differ from one country to another, but the difference is significantly small. Countries like the United States, Poland, Austria, and Italy each had the ideal length to be approximately 17 centimeters. In the research, the United Kingdom reported the least length of about 12.4 centimeters. The difference is usually by a few centimeters from one country to another with most countries going with the idea bigger is usually ideal. The idea of size and shape of the penis making sex either better or bad is an aged old problem that man has faced over the years.


However, the expectation of whether bigger or smaller is better might not apply in real life. It all comes down to sexual satisfaction for both partners. It also comes down to the sexual orientation of each of the person under study. Most men tend to find satisfaction with size. The larger the penis, the more men feel they are satisfied sexually. However, this does not necessarily apply to women who claims size doesn’t matter. It all comes down to having good times in bed and hitting the peak of their orgasm. It is a notion held by society that bigger is always better. The sensory receptors that make females reach their peak don’t depend on how deep the penis gets into their vagina. Most women are easily aroused when their clitoris and the area around the clitoris is touched.
So next time you want to know if bigger is better, think again. The ideal size from most parts of the world has been found to be an average of around 5.5 inches.

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