What happens at a bachelor party


So what happens at the bachelor parties? When the bride here about the bachelor party, she most likely imagines her future husband cheating. However, that is not always the case. His married friends in the party might be the ones cheating. The bachelor party is not usually about the groom but about his friends getting a good reason to stay out overnight and have some good times with the girls. Most movies never really tell the truth about bachelor parties.

lap-danceBachelor parties are meant to give the groom a bye from the bachelorhood club, but that is not really what happens. It is all about giving your boy fun moments before he is married. That goes to speak a lot what people think of marriage and what they love doing. It is saying buy to all women, overnight drinking and parties as the groom plans to settle down with his woman. Strippers who have been to bachelor parties will tell you it is not the groom who goes on cheating but the mostly it is the married friends. Every person in the party can have great moments with the women around without word ever getting out. It is the unwritten laws of all bachelor parties. The aim is usually to celebrate the guest of honors last night of freedom before marriage, but most guys get loose, drunk and rowdy.

If there are strippers at the party, it is not necessarily for the groom. The strippers are meant to hold the groom in prison. It is just like trying to get through the party without messing up. The groom’s friends are the once who want the party more and will enjoy the services of the groom more than the groom. The friends are not there for their boy but their needs. They get drunk and show off some socially irresponsible behaviors that replicate college lives. The friends usually mock the groom taunting him for quitting the bachelor club while at the same time reminding him what he faces ahead.

what-really-happens-at-bachelor-partySex is more talked about than done in these parties. Most of the married guys can watch and laugh at the single guys who are trying to have fun with the women in these parties. There will always be that one who gets drunk and wants to make a mess of the party. The story of what this guy does might come out but make sure if you are attending any bachelor party you are not that friends who get drunk more and becomes rowdy that the rest. That is just but what to expect for any bachelor party. Things can get crazy with the type of friends in the party. The strippers might get specific orders that they should do to the groom. The groom might be unwilling to give into any of them, but the planning of the party is never left to the groom.

The organization of the party is left to the best man. The best man also has the responsibility of getting the groom to his hotel room or home safely no matter the case. He shouldn’t drink and forget himself or else he breaks the rules that govern bachelor parties.

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