TOP 5 Vegas Strip Bars


Las Vegas is nicknamed Sin City for a reason. This is where all forms of adult entertainment take place both day and night. The Las Vegas nightclubs are among the best in the world. When in Vegas, don’t just ask a taxi to take you to any strip club. The will direct you to strips clubs where they are given kickbacks for bringing in tourists. You need to know how Las Vegas works if you went the best times. You can even call up a strip club and tell then you want to be picked. If you are a group of men looking for some nice ladies, they will even send a limo to pick you up. Not any club will give you the best strippers. Here are some of the best Las Vegas strip clubs to give you the best times while in Las Vegas.

  1. The Spearmint Rhino
    The Rhino is a strip club in its own class. They have some of the best crop dancers in Las Vegas. This is the only place where you can expect to meet former porn stars, models, and winnable Hollywood stars. The club is one of the hottest in Vegas and is fully filled during the weekend. If you visit during the day, you can still expect some of the best times and enjoy a great dance to client ratio.11590_NpAdvHover
  2. Sapphire
    The Sapphire is known as the largest strip club in the world. This might be true or false, but one thing stands out; the sapphire is one massive strip club. There are two floors and three bars within the same building. There are several specific rooms for parties and Private suites for those who want some private moments with the strippers.
  3. Crazy Horse 3
    This is one of the raunchiest strip clubs in the world and is even mentioned in the movie; Ocean 11. It looks more like a club than a strip joint, but you can expect to have great moments with the women in this place. The club offers a variety of sushi making it the ideal spot for tourists looking for something more than just strippers.bachelor-strippers
  4. Palomino
    Most clubs in Las Vegas have a rule of not allowing full nudity if they serve alcohol. However, this rule does not work in Palomino. They serve all forms of alcohol and offer you all the nakedness you want. Their dancers are hot but also among the most experienced in the world. There is a Lipstick Lounge in the club with a private room upstairs for those looking for some personal moments with the strippers.stripclub
  5. Cheetah’s
    This is one club that is greatly loved by the locals. If you are a local, you get in free provided you show your driving license. It is one great club and was featured in Showgirls. The club does not have the establishment of most new clubs in Vegas but is a great strip joint that is equivalent to a dive bar. The club is dark and dingy inside making everyone inside appear a little older. However, it is a great place, and everything kick ass can happen inside.

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