The 3 secrets to amazing sex


Sex is one crucial topic that plays in almost every adult’s life. Most people never like talking about it openly, but we all know we love sex. Sex is the only natural thing that connects our divine. The orgasm release, we experience the deepest state of relaxation and love. This is the state where most people experience the unshakable inner peace. Sex is so crucial in relationships such that is can lead to a fulfilling relationship or simply end one. Giving your partner the best experience when it comes to sex can lead to a lasting relationship.

portrait-of-a-serious-lady-with-smoky-eye-makeupSo what are the three secrets of sex that people don’t know about? Go through them and create a special connection with your partner when it comes to sex.

1) Seduction

What turns you on? Most people think they must be seduced by their partners into wanting to make sex. Well, this might be the case, but if you have no interest or don’t know what turns you on, things might not work out well. The first secret to better sex is to create the desire in our minds. Get to learn what turns on you on and how you can bring it up when in bed. Don’t expect your partner to do all the tricks trying to turn you on if you are interested in having sex with him. A sexual feeling will be immediately triggered if you don’t expect your partner to turn you on.

2) Sensation

Our senses are everything when it comes to having great sex. Sex itself is about senses where we must feel everything about our partners. Put all your six senses to action. You must touch, smell, sound and taste your partner to be able to absorb the energy between the two of you. Ignoring the six senses as most people makes sex dull and boring. You need to feel and taste everything about your partner while she does the same. This will put you on the same level where your energies feel it other.

3) Surrender

sex-driveSurrendering to your partner means everything when it comes to sex. It is crucial that you feel safe and secure when having sex with your partner if you are to surrender fully. You must be in a state where you fully trust your partner to surrender fully to him or her. The first two secrets keep your mind ready and secure allowing you to surrender easily to your partner. When you surrender to your partner, it means you give him or her everything when it comes to sex without holding back. The first two secrets will put your mind there and connects the two of you allowing you to surrender with ease. Sex is better enjoyed when every partner gives everything to it.

Well, if you didn’t know about these three secrets to sex, it is time you applied them in your relationship. Whether married, engaged or single, the three secrets can go a long way in keeping the flame glowing in any relationship. Give your partner the best moments of her life by applying the three secrets without fear.

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