Escort tip: taboo services like prostate massage


Men are always shy about some things that appear taboo in their eyes. Well, this does not mean that they won’t enjoy such things but are just ashamed to ask them from their wives or girlfriends. It is quite difficult for men to talk about their likes when it comes to matters sex. Things like prostate massage are rarely heard of in relationships. However, they can be heard of more when it comes to the adult entertainment industry.

Adult-Entertainment-IndustryVery few men are aware of the male g-spot, but a prostate message can bring out the best orgasm in a man. Hiring escorts can help men get the desires of their life. Escorts are women who are well trained when it comes to matters sex and are never afraid to hear or tell you anything when it comes to taboo sexual services. As long as these women are paid well, then they are ready to do everything to bring out the best experience in a man. Tipping escorts or strippers gets them to do things that seem unimaginable in the eyes of most men.

A prostate massage is the simulation of the men’s prostate gland with the aim of stimulating sexual senses – for more details click here. The prostate is a special component in a man’s sexual cycle taking the crucial role of producing semen. However, a correct prostate message is not easy to perform unless you have had some training on it. This is not something your regular woman will do unless she has had some training on it. This goes to show the kind of experiences men lacks in relationships. You might argue that everything is okay, and the sex is great but just wait until you experience a prostate message. We all know men are very adventurous when it comes to sex. Married men always go out looking for other women as they search a new experience in bed.

4_123The experience escorts give men can make them coming forever so make sure you don’t make it a habit if you are married. Escorts are great but ensure you don’t get used to them as they love money. When I say they love money, I mean it. They can do anything to please a man as long as they see the money. In the adult entertainment industry, tips are so crucial in getting men what they want in bed. The more you tip these women, the more they give in and do the craziest things. Start with small tips of $1, $5 and $10 before going up to $20 and $100. Tipping escorts are among those things that are unwritten but necessary to getting the best services from them. The experience men get from escorts is wonderful, and there is nothing wrong when you give back by tipping them well

The escorts do things that you love and enjoy, but unfortunately, these are things your wife or girlfriend cannot do for you. The erotic scenes you have ever imagined of can be a reality in your life with a well-trained escort. Get that prostate massage today and enjoy what you have never experienced in life.

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