What does sexual satisfaction really mean to you?


What does sexual satisfaction mean to you? Just close your eyes and wait to see how long you think before your mind wanders to sex. Having sex on a regular basis is good but what do you call satisfaction when it comes to sex. Sex makes you feel good and increases our well-being but at what point do we say we are satisfied with what we have had? What does it mean to be sexually satisfied?

Well, when it comes to matters sex, there is no one single definition of sexual satisfaction. Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sex is in the eye of the beholder. Studies were done on various people to understand what sexual satisfaction means brought out various definitions. What do most people find satisfying in bed? Is it feeling too close to your partner or having the orgasm? Okay, let’s tackle this and see what it means to get sexually satisfied.


There are four main ways in which people classify sexual satisfaction. One definition of sexual satisfaction is the feeling of security, trust, and control when having sex. This is a feeling where you feel you can let go everything. You are completely safe in your partner’s arms and can complete let go. This definition mostly tends to fit men who want to feel in complete control when having sex.

The second definition of sexual satisfactions was the feeling of connection and closeness between partners. Most women want to feel they are fully connected to their male partners when having sex to feel fully satisfied. Even if they hit the orgasm, without a full connection and closeness when having sex, sexual satisfaction might not be achieved.


The other meaning of sexual satisfaction which most people might tend to side with is hitting the orgasm point. This is the most common held notion in the society where people know they are satisfied when they hit their orgasm. It tends to work for most people especially people in the adult entertainment industry. These are people working to offer sexual pleasures, and as long as clients feel have their orgasm, then sexual satisfaction is reached. Lastly, sexual satisfaction can be defined as getting your partner off.

Sexual satisfaction varies from one person to another, but it all comes down to what makes you feel good during sex. If the feeling of being close to your man is better than having the orgasm, then that is your sexual satisfaction. There are various views out there on what sexual satisfaction mean but having your orgasm is one thing that completes a good sexual moment. This is the point where couples can take a break and feel they have reached the peak. The only problem that happens for most couples is having the orgasm at different points during the process of having sex.


Women can have multiple orgasms during sex while men have their orgasm once. It all comes down to understanding your partner and knowing what makes him or her good and how best you can offer that. No matter the case, sex is always great and should be having it more often.

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